FrankenFood !

Are We Eating FrankenFoods? Or Is Our Food Safe and Nutritious? Well, good luck trying to find out!   Having spent so many years in college doing research, reading journal articles, reading books, and listening to countless hours of lectures on psychology my curiosity about this subject is the most confusing and emotionally charged subject […]


Spanking My Child Yes or No?   Controversial topic to be sure. First of all, let’s acknowledge the obvious dynamic at work here. No one likes to be told how to parent their child. If parents seek help with parenting, they usually bring in the child and tell me all the horrible things that they […]

Anger Management

Anger Management   No, it’s not about a bucolic television show, it is about getting really, really, angry. Angry enough to punch a few holes in the wall or angry enough to tell your boss to go sit on an ice pick. I’m talking angry! Some people experience anger by launching into a 30 minute […]

Reasons vs Excuses

Reasons? or Excuses? How you answer this can impact your life As a therapist, I believe that there is a reason for our behavior. I do not believe that there are words, actions, or thoughts that are just random and have no meaning. If the opposite were true, how would you explain some self defeating […]

Holding On

Holding On From the series, 10 Things You Need To Stop Doing Now! Holding on to what? That is probably the question that you have in mind. What are we talking about when we refer to holding on? Simple, holding on to: Anger Resentment Old, Outdated Notions About Yourself Anger is the easiest emotion to […]


Relationships – Winning and Losing How hard do you try and win in your relationship?   Well, it is kind of a trick question because most of the time you may win an argument after a strenuously long and exhausting battle, but did you win? It depends on how much you value your relationship.   […]

Road Rage

Road Rage ! There you are, already late for that appointment and driving in and out of traffic getting more and more aggravated. You are sure that someone placed all of these idiots in front of you just to ruin this day that you have so looked forward to. It is the third interview for […]

Negative Thinking

From The Series: 10 Things You Need To Quit Now Most people believe that their thoughts originate from the vast unknown. They believe that they have no control over them, and that they are victims of the affect negative thinking has on their everyday life. So, where do our thoughts (negative and positive) come from? […]

Self Help

I don’t often suggest self help books, mainly because sometimes they can cause more fear and confusion. This book I believe is helpful: