Anxiety Can Ruin Your Life

How To Deal With Anxiety

The First Step In Dealing With Anxiety Is To Control Your Thinking

Unlock the Power of Your Thoughts: Take Control and Create Positivity

Discover the untapped potential within your mind and transform your life. It’s time to break free from the notion that our thoughts are uncontrollable and at the mercy of negativity. Instead, let’s explore where these thoughts truly originate and how we can harness their power to shape our reality.

Step into a world where thoughts are not mysterious forces from the unknown, but rather products of our environment and senses. Like a vibrant radio station broadcasting constantly, visualize these thoughts floating above you, forming a captivating tapestry resembling a horizontal version of the matrix. Now, imagine being in control, with the ability to cherry-pick the thoughts you want to embrace.

Embrace the notion that you have the power to choose your thoughts and shape your experiences. Just because a thought is presented to you doesn’t mean you have to invite it into your reality. Similar to switching radio stations, you have the authority to tune out negativity and invite positive, empowering thoughts into your life.

Join us on this transformative journey as we unveil the secrets of your mind’s radio station. Learn how to curate a mental soundscape that aligns with your desires and aspirations. Discover the joy and fulfillment that comes from taking charge of your thoughts and creating a life filled with positivity.

Don’t let your thoughts dictate your reality any longer. Take the reins and unlock the extraordinary potential within you. Embrace the power of choice and embark on a path of self-empowerment, where the radio of your mind plays melodies of inspiration and fulfillment.

If you are ready to try controlling what you think, then here we go…

The Old Way

• A negative thought appears
• You begin to embrace it by continuing to let it be the subject of your thoughts
• You start having negative emotions connected with this thought
• There goes your day

The New Way

• A negative thought appears
• You begin to embrace it by continuing to let it be the subject of your thoughts
• —Change The Station— Call a friend, focus on a recent success, your family and friends, memories, etc.
It’s tough, but you will get better at it if you work hard at it.

The Traffic Cop

Install into your brain, the Traffic Cop.

Okay, you can’t really install anything into your brain, but you can insert this little guy into your awareness. The Traffic Cop is your negative thought filter. He stands between the barrage of thoughts that come into our heads, and the internal processing of our minds. It is when these negative thoughts are accepted into our minds that they can ruin our day (or worse). This little guy routes the thoughts that are negative into the bit bucket, and brings into our minds only the positive thoughts.
You have to pause for a second to allow this Traffic Cop the time to do his filtering. This method of taking control of your thinking patterns is not easy, but the work you put toward it is well worth it. Pausing gives us an opportunity to inspect the thought, and reject it by mentally saying “I’m not going to go there !”
We don’t have to accept our thoughts as an unrelenting attack from within we can, with practice, control how much time we are going to allow negative things to impact our life.

Reject and Replace

Rejecting a thought is difficult, but it can be done with practice. Once you reject a thought, you need to replace it with another thought quickly. By rejecting the negative thought you leave a temporary void behind that will get filled by either the same negative thought, or a new one. In either case, we don’t want that to happen. By replacing the negative thought with a totally unrelated positive thought or action, we take control of our thinking.

As described above, you need to change the channel. Changing the channel is simply setting your focus on something else that is either positive or unrelated to the negative thought. By calling a friend, surfing the net, playing with your pet (which can be a wonderful anxiety and stress reducer), or doing something physical you then take control of your thinking and thus successfully reject the negative thought.